Trade Show Mind Reader Bob Garner


Trade Show Mind Reader Bob Garner

Energy and Excitement
Trade Show Mind Reader Bob Garner is an expert at creating a huge buzz about your exhibit throughout the floor.

Recognized by the "Wall Street Journal" as a solution to improving lack luster trade show results, trade show mindreader Bob Garner cleverly delivers your key sales messages reinforced with amazing demonstrations of mindreading and ESP, clean humor and audience interaction.

Draw Crowds - Deliver Your Message - Entertain - Increase Leads

Attention - Interest - Impact!
Draw Crowds:  Trade show mind reader Bob Garner knows how to attract crowds to your exhibit.

Delivers Your Message: Each presentation is customized and scripted to feature your key messages

Entertain: Trade show magician Bob Garner uses amazing demonstrations of mindreading and ESP, as well as clean comedy and audience interaction to add "sizzle" and excitement to your exhibit as he tells your audience about your products and services.

Increase Leads: At the end of Bob's presentation, his unique qualifying process separates the qualified buyers from the unqualified buyers. He will actually have the qualified buyers step into your exhibit to talk with your reps!

For any size booth - from large to small

Look at this crowd!
Regardless of the size of your exhibit, trade show mind reader Bob Garner
will create a buzz througout the floor!

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